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  • Equifax Credit Bureau requires site inspection for all End Users


    On June 1st/2008 new Equifax Policy stipulates that all End Users (Landlords) must have a site inspection of their Office whether home based or not by a Certified Inspector, (generally a Realtor in your area) to determine if the Office, meets the criteria that has been set out as noted in the check list just below.

    Criteria for site Inspection - Click here

    The cost is $54.00 and if your office is in your residence then it is an annual inspection.
    If you do not wish to have a site inspection you still have the option of obtaining a Trans Union Credit Report (no site inspection required yet for Trans Union).

    You must advise TVS via [email protected] that you wish to have a site inspection if you wish to obtain the Equifax Credit Report.

    This Policy was implemented in the U.S.A. January/2007 and is now being implemented in Canada, and all as a result of identity theft from various databases in the U.S.A. Trans Union has not yet implemented this Policy.

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