Rights and Responsibilities

Landlords/Property Managers should know what they are!

Most tenants are respectful and abide by rules and regulations. However, there are some tenants that use landlords as a revolving line of credit and don't abide by lease rules or regulations or by-laws, making life difficult for a landlord and other tenants.

There are tenants well versed in tenancy law who will take landlords to court and win large awards, simply because the landlord did not know his/her responsibilities and did not complete the proper forms or have the proper documentation. They do this to unsuspecting landlords time and again. This is a creative way for some of these tenants to earn extra income.

  • Are you an unsuspecting landlord?
  • Do you know what your responsibilities are in your state or province?
  • Do you want to pay a tenant a large sum of money? Because you didn't know!

One incident of this nature can easily eat up a year's worth of profit, not to mention the hassle & the stress. Don't let it happen to you.

Being a landlord is a huge responsibility, you must run a profitable business and you must ensure the safety of the tenant community and/or your family. Good tenants want to live in a safe and harmonious environment as do you.

Landlords should have specific criteria for selecting tenants that is the standard for the selection of all tenants, that criteria should not include anything that even remotely conflicts with tenant human rights. You want to ensure that any kind of discriminatory allegations are unfounded. Having criteria that you put into effect with each rental application is one effective way to minimize your landlord liability, another is tenant screening to determine the credit worthiness and tenant worthiness of the prospective tenant.

Criteria for a landlord should include... stable income, credit worthiness, tenant worthiness, trustworthiness with respect to abiding by landlord rules and respecting safety of other tenants. This means screening for criminal records that include violent offences or criminal acts that endanger the safety and well being of other people. Would you want a tenant with a pattern or a history of violence renting from you? A drug trafficker? An Individual who never pays rent? As a landlord YOU HAVE A RIGHT to refuse tenancy where the prospective tenant does not meet your criteria regarding a criminal past that might jeopardize the safety or well being of others or an Individual who continuously uses landlords as a revolving line of credit and never pays rent.

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If you are reading this then you have internet access. Take time to educate yourself about tenant human rights & discrimination, about tenant rights and about evictions, about landlord responsibilities!

Use Google search terms such as:

Tenant human rights.
Tenant discrimination.
Tenant Rights & Responsibilities.
Evictions for ______ (your state or province).


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